Business is currently in need of employees


Director of the State Employment Service Yulia Zhovtyak noted that the situation in the labor market has stabilized, and businesses currently feel the need for employees. This is reflected both on job search websites and in the State Employment Service.

"At present, the number of active vacancies in the Service is almost 50,000 daily, which is almost 100% more than last year," Zhovtyak specified.

A similar trend is observed on the Unified Job Portal, where job offers are consolidated not only from the Service but also from job portals such as,,, and others. "If at the end of last year there were 200,000 job offers, today it is almost 230,000 vacancies," added Yulia Zhovtyak.

Zhovtyak mentioned that vacancies are available for representatives of professions such as: salesperson, driver, accountant, cook, loader, doctor, seamstress, teacher, electrician, educator, pharmacist, auto mechanic, turner, psychologist. "There is also a demand for construction workers, and it will continue to grow. The issue here is that currently we do not have the required number of men registered, which is necessary in the construction industry. So, there will really be a shortage of personnel in this field," she noted.

According to Yulia Zhovtyak, the main problems today are professional qualification imbalances and a lack of qualified personnel.


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