The Agreement on the Liberalization of Freight Transport between Ukraine and the EU has been extended for a year with the possibility of automatic renewal until the end of 2025.


The updated Agreement includes several changes for Ukrainian and foreign carriers. The Ministry of Infrastructure has clarified the new requirements for transportation:

  1. Transport License:
  2. Ukrainian carriers must have an extract in English with a QR code confirming the receipt of an international freight transport license on board. The extract can be obtained in the carrier's personal account.

  3. Documents for Empty Transport:
  4. When leaving Ukraine with empty transport, the driver must have documents confirming the return with cargo to be picked up on the way back. These can be a contract or a signed carrier's application. The documents must include the name, contact details, and address of the sender, as well as the loading place.

  5. Documents to Confirm the Type of Transport:
  6. Throughout the journey, documents (in paper or electronic form) confirming the type of transport must be on board: bills of lading, consignment notes, freight customs declarations, etc.

  7. Documents for Returning Empty Trucks:
  8. When returning to Ukraine empty, it is necessary to have documents confirming the transport of cargo in direct connection.

  9. Sticker on the Windshield:
  10. There must be a 5 cm sticker approved by the Agreement on the windshield of the vehicle. If the carrier is performing transport not under the Agreement (e.g., under the ECMT permit), the sticker must be hidden.

    The sticker helps the controlling authorities identify trucks performing transport under the Agreement conditions and prevent cabotage transport.


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