Ukraine to Create a Unified Register of Qualifications (Occupational Classifier): Draft Law Adopted as a Basis.


On May 9, the Verkhovna Rada adopted draft law No. 9630 on improving the national qualifications system as a basis. This was reported by the press service of the VR Apparatus.

The draft law proposes amendments to:

  • The Labor Code of Ukraine;
  • The Commercial Code of Ukraine;
  • The Law of Ukraine "On Employment of the Population";
  • The Law of Ukraine "On Education".

Key Provisions of the Draft Law:

  1. Creation of a Unified Register of Qualifications (Occupational Classifier) by merging the National Occupational Classifier, the Directory of Qualification Characteristics of Worker Professions, and the Qualifications Register, along with their digitalization and synchronization with other databases.
  2. Granting the authority to maintain the Unified Register of Qualifications to the National Qualifications Agency, with a transitional period for maintaining the Directory of Qualification Characteristics of Worker Professions.
  3. Digitalization of the data exchange process on professional qualifications and positions, making the process quick, transparent, and responsive to real-time labor market needs.

According to the authors, the implementation of the draft law will accelerate the development and improvement of the qualifications system, facilitate the development of modern professional standards, streamline information on professional qualifications, eliminate outdated and bureaucratic procedures in the labor market, provide objective information about the labor market, and become a catalyst for its development.


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